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I’ve really had a breakthrough on my swing here this week, I suddenly grasp turning my wrists over at the point of impact in an intuitive fashion that I just didn’t have before. I can really feel the correct positioning in my forearms and my shoulders now and have eliminated that unhelpful tendency of sliding my upper body forward after I pop my hips and initiate my downswing. I look forward to finally getting through a bucket of balls without lobbing a few dangerously off to the right because I left the clubface open and hacked the ball like I was holding an axe.

I’ve been using an iPhone app to record my swings and watch them in slo-mo on my computer. It’s helpful to record yourself so you can really study your swing when you’re focused on hitting and not watching yourself in a mirror. Anyway they host all your videos on their website where you go watch them, although when I went there for some reason they had me on the mainpage under “recently added” videos, with like five of the swings I just took. Which is unnecessary social embarrassment. At least my form is sound.
I need to get back to improving this blog before people actually start finding it, meaning I need more articles and a better navigation bar. I don’t feel like working on the nav bar, but I am very interested in doing more articles. Preferably three more this month: one on putting, one on bringing your practice swing to the ball, and one clarifying video work more. Actually on bringing your practice swing to your actual ball striking, I hate that term “practice swing.” I know it sounds like a motivational speaker talking, but it’s when you’re holding a real golf club and performing your real swing, don’t call it a practice swing, it isn’t. It’s your real swing, the exact same one you will perform when you have a ball in front of yourself. When I use a practice club that doesn’t have a real head on it just to do fast form work, those are practice swings. Anytime you swing a real club, that’s a real swing.

Well that’s it for now,


Continuing Basic Techniques

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So I’m really working on my fundamentals this week to improve and consolidate the gains I’ve made in my swing. One thing I like to get back to is my slow motion swing and my own personal list of things or points that I’ve made for it. On my backswing two important things for me is to purposefully start to bend my forward knee while keeping the rest of my lower body quiet (not just letting it bend with the turn, but allowing the turn by bending it first), and a nice controlled one piece takeaway where my arms and torso move as one.

I still really need to do more video and slow motion work on my downswing because I struggle with inconsistent form there. I haven’t done nearly the same amount of form practice (slow-motion mirror work and that sort of thing) on my downswing and so my hips and forearms don’t always do what they’re supposed to do. But this week I’m going to be doing lots of repetitions, focusing a lot on form, and getting that worked out to the same level as my backswing.

So I hope that I continue to improve and I’ll keep posting on my continued progress with that this week.

Going Back to Training Basic Techniques

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I went out to the driving range over the weekend, and it would figure that right after I write an article about generating power I would lose all of mine. Last time out at the range I finished my bucket hitting my pitching wedge for 130 yards of carry, I finished this one hitting my nine iron well short of the 100 yard marker. My leg muscles got surprisingly sore after I started my new training regimen for August, which was theoretically supposed to be less stressful on my body. I couldn’t even feel the muscles around my hip very clearly and they definitely weren’t interested in snapping my swing around.

Which unfortunately seems to be the least of my concerns when it comes to my body. For some reason my elbow has been stinging me every time I rotate my forearm around and my wrist seems to get a little ache when I try to swing as well. I’m not sure if they’re connected or it’s just a bunch of little ouchies all happening at once. I’ve always had problems with my joints aching a little too easily, maybe it shouldn’t come as any surprise. But I’m taking time off this week to try and recover, and also to rethink my training.
It eats me up inside to lose days and to think about falling off an intense schedule, but with an undertaking this difficult I can’t become inflexible. It’s difficult enough just being me, I don’t need extra mental distress. I’m going to take the rest of the week off and see if my joint pain subsides. Then next week I’m going to really rethink everything based on what I learned from my first month and come up with a training plan I can stick to without maiming myself and that will help me actually get better.

My swing goal now is to take 1,000 “real swings” with a particular club I’m training that day, another 1,000 “practice swings” to work on my basic form with my practice clubs, and 1,000 practice putts. What I’m thinking is I can do this for two weeks, then take a week of rest where I do my form work and studying. My normal thing now is to go three days of full practice, one day of light practice with 1,500 to 2,000 swings, then repeat. That would be up to 39,000 swings during those two weeks. Maybe then during the rest week I’ll get in another 2,000-3,000 swings in form practice and putting.
Over a six week period that would be up to 84,000 swings. Still quite productive. Over 12 months that would equal 728,000 swings, assuming you lose some along the way, 700,000. At that pace I could still arrive at over a million swings by the end of 2013, not bad at all really. And possibly my training could pick up a little as I go, perhaps adding a few hundred swings to those daily totals. My first real goal though, is still to finish an entire year of this practice, no matter the specifics of the pace or style.