My Journey Has Begun!

In Personal on July 3, 2012 at 6:44 pm

I completed my first day of 3,300 swings! It is a lot of work doing that much, but I’ve been smart about looking for ways that I can do that much practice without wearing my body down. A steady pace is very helpful, not trying to overdo it just to go fast and then become exhausted. It’s a long term plan.

Hopefully I will get in better golf shape as I go and things will also get easier to do. Right now I have to rush a little, or spend some extra time doing fast swing drills with my practice clubs after I should be done. But eventually I think I’ll be able to get somewhere between 600 to 700 swings in without killing myself over each hour. Not leaving me with a lot of spillover to do at the end of the day just to make sure I get enough swings in.

I hope to publish little articles about my thoughts on playing golf as I go, besides just charting my own progress and navel gazing about it all. The first two such articles will be about generating power when you swing and what the difference between a professional golfer and a casual golfer is. Those should hopefully be interesting to read.

Well even though I was exhausted this morning I still managed to get in my morning practice with 600 swings. I need to spend more time working in front of the mirror I noticed. That was one of my big philosophies on getting better to start with, now my room with a full length mirror is so messy I’ve been skipping it. But I’m definitely getting back to slow practicing correct form and watching plenty of slow-motion Tiger Woods to learn from. And mirror work is less taxing than actually hitting golf ball.


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