Future Article Ideas

In Personal on July 15, 2012 at 12:54 pm

So I wanted to use a post to collect my thoughts about what things I can share which have been working for me on this journey to get better at golf. I have developed a few basic exercises which I think are really helping me perform what the 10,000 hour people call “deliberate practice,” or what I think of as practicing to get better.

Video work and mirror work are the first ones I’ll go over, both invaluable to finding your proper swing, then also my techniques for slow motion work, which roots out poor form and bad habits.

I also want to do a longer post on how to generate power, with illustrations to help show what I’m talking about. I haven’t had any test subjects try my methods yet (other than myself of course), but hopefully I can write up my methods for how to start generating swing power from the hip in a way that other people will find makes sense.

Oh, and I also want to write a better ‘About’ piece, maybe in a post at least, which explains what all this is about and what my ultimate goals are. That’s part of the overall building of this blog, which clearly still needs a lot of design work done on it. Fortunately I doubt anyone is reading this thing yet, so I don’t have to panic about it.


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