Got a cold in the middle of summer and doing more stretching

In Personal on July 18, 2012 at 10:55 am

I got sick for two days after attending a party, which severely curtailed my efforts on Sunday and Monday. Fortunately I’m feeling much better and got a full 3,300 swings in yesterday.

I noticed I’ve fallen too far behind on my swing schedule this month and it doesn’t sit well with me. At this point I’ll be lucky to get anything over 60,000 practice swings. Of course I realize that this month should be my most difficult month since I’ve had to swing myself into shape. But still, 20,000+ swings behind is no good.

I’m starting to incorporate a more responsible athletic routine into all my golf training now as well. I’m working on stretching for my hips every day to keep them healthy and avoid pain. The joint supplements also seem to be helping as I feel not just less pain, but less of that specific grindy sort of ache you get when your joints are clearly getting overworked.

Well today I think I will get to focusing in on my driver swing, try to find the right groove for that and start practicing it much more. Trying to emulate Tiger Wood’s driver swing is what I started on so I know my basics for the form, but I’ve sort of gotten sloppy as I’ve worked more heavily with other  clubs. Anyway, that’s all for now.


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