Blog’s Lacking Look

In Personal on July 21, 2012 at 9:59 pm

I really need to think about improving the appearance of this blog. At first I was thinking of one of those neat, picture heavy magazine type designs. But actually that’s a terrible idea. I don’t want to have to edit up some photographs every time I feel like making a post. I do need something more organized though, front page of the Wall Street Journal style more than multimedia heavy. Perhaps I can design a template since I haven’t seen anything to my liking, although that’s more computer work I will have a hard time doing. I once learned CSS and created a whole comedy website, and my memories of having to code out that whole thing are not fond.

Anyway, back to golf. Golf is going well. I’m trying to keep up pace and finish the month at or a little over 70,000 swings. Only around 10,000 less than what my monthly average needs to be in order to get to a million. Of course I’d like subsequent months to be in excess of that monthly average, this will prove to be a strong start if I can get that many in this first month. My joint supplements have definitely had an effect, my hip doesn’t ache like it used to, any pain can normally be stretched away. The stuff is called ‘Animal Flex’ and it’s basically a little plastic bag filled with pills you take everyday. It’s a strange sounding name, but bodybuilders on the internet seemed to swear by its effectiveness and I have to say my joints are feeling stronger, not weaker even with continued practice. So I’m a satisfied customer at this point.

Once July is over I’m going to double down on my form work, watch more video and do more slow motion practice. This month has really been mostly about conditioning, although my swing has become far more consistent. But that’s the basic idea behind my training, practice will make perfect. My midbrain and cerebellum organize the motion of my swing more efficiently with every passing day, and by the end of the year striking a golf ball will be as easy as walking.

I’ve been thinking about my long term goals for this a lot this past week, next spring I’ll definitely try a little low level competitive golf. I don’t expect to be a master of the game by then or anything, but work my way up from there once I see where I’m at. I’d love the chance to take a shot at joining the Nationwide Tour. Although I’ll never really be anything more than a true amateur golfer, my heart lies in the writing I can’t seem to do because of this odd mental disease. Still I can be that and a technically professional golfer at the same time, since it seems I’ve got the talent for it. Anyway, that’s all for now.


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