Month Two Begins!

In Personal on August 1, 2012 at 12:45 pm

So begins August. I feel much stronger after taking a week off, and I’m ready to start this month strong. I’m still a long ways from being in good enough shape to go full tilt at my training, but I get that now and know what I need to work toward. My goal is to take 70,000 swings this month, but still give myself a five or six day break during the fourth week.

That won’t exactly be easy from a mathematical point of view, but I’m working on finding a way to get in more practice on my light work days without it going from light work to heavy work. Right now I’d like to do 1,800 club swings, half with real clubs, half with my practice club, and then 1,500 putting strokes. Do that for three days, then do one or two light days, with around 500 practice club swings, and 2,000 putting strokes for them. I’d also like to use my practice net and hit 50 golf balls into it everyday.

Anyway that’s my plan for now. We’ll have to see how it goes, but at the very least I’m confident that I will continue to get stronger and find the exertion easier. I probably need to step up and do more endurance aerobics too. I miss living in a big city where the constant amount of walking kicked my body into a higher state of fitness no matter what and I had way more energy.

Alright, the next article I post will be about how to generate power with your swing. And then after that I will look into how to make this blog look better and be navigable. Until next time true believers!


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