Training and Recovery

In Personal on July 5, 2012 at 6:43 pm

One big challenge in my training is trying to keep my body recovered between training sessions. Some things can help with that, such as training designed not to be overly stressful to my joints and muscles, moderately paced and so on. Another thing is not going overboard on my swings, not trying to use a ball too often, having light weight practice club to use at least half the time, and so on. If I tried to do 2,000 club swings a day with an actual golf ball I’d be worn out after a single day.

Still it’s difficult. I hope to find more strategies and recovery techniques as I go here and learn more about what my body needs. I’m looking into the ice baths used by NFL athletes, using my massage chair more often, and also trying an inversion table my brother gave me to help stretch out my back.

The main problem areas are my lead hip, which drives my swing, and my back, which is already a problem. Anyway, I’m going to buy some joint supplements and use my lightweight practice club almost exclusively for the rest of the week. Then start up next week with pure putting days which let me rest.


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